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So far I'm about 20 pages or so into the Gilroy script and I'm noticing stuff I dislike more than I did when I first read it:

- Clark telling Lois his secret at a Japenese. Also her quickly coming to terms with it, she doesn't seem that surpised.
- Supermans first appearance is abit weak going after some goons who are dumping sewage (or whatever it was) in the water supply
- Brainiac is after Kal El cause of jealousy over the fact that he was Jor Els son and he didn't spend enough time with him
- Brainiac merging with Lex whilst Lex is wearing a thong (why?)
- when Clark turns in Superman he burns all his clothes
- the gym scene where Clark uses his powers and is caught by Lois' annoying niece. How can he be so stupid to use his powers in a gym of all places
- Clark and Lois scene on the roof of the DP, really liked the dialogue here
- Doomsday the pet (urgh)

Things I have liked though:
- the opening on Krypton, way I read it came across like a scene from a horror movie
- Clarks discovery that he's an alien
- kind of like and dislike this one but he has a secret compartment for his costumes

There's more but I can't think right now

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