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Default Re: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For ... News Thread

Jessica Alba explained, “When we actually got the start date and I was there on the set it was like a dream. I was like, ‘Am I really here? Are we really here? OK, just making sure.’ So yeah, it was surreal and I ran into Rosario [Dawson] and for all of us it’s really cool. The first was like open the doors and this has been, certainly as an artist, the best experience. Mine is an original story so there wasn’t a lot to base it off of, but Frank [Miller] has been drawing it. So it’s just crazy. It was neat to see their process, Robert and Frank’s, and their collaboration and what they inspire from each other and get out of each other and what they’re creating. It’s really like the 2.0 version of Sin City and it’s pretty amazing.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s part in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has also already wrapped. “Yeah, we shot it already. It went so great,” he explained. “Robert Rodriguez is just a delightful human being. He’s got so much creativity pouring out of him. He’s got a painting studio set up next to where we shoot so that when there’s downtime he encourages people to just go paint. How cool is that? So cool.”

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a cocky gambler Johnny, and filmed opposite Julia Garner as a “young stripper.” They are both featured in a new story by Frank Miller called The Long, Bad Night.

The tale follows a gambler named Johnny as he “comes in and tries to beat the biggest villain in Sin City at his own game.” That doesn’t quite work out as planned, and things go bad very quickly. “You have to start with someone very likable so that you’re like, ‘No! Not him, not him,’” Robert Rodriguez said.

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