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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

i think they should have robin in the reboot. all of them. start of with dick grayson already established. if they go w a young dick (15-ish) then i would keep his actual crime fighting to a minimum. have him be more of a recon/ information gatherer/lookout type. maybe have him disobey batman and fight in the end ala coming to aid batman in the climax. if they go with an older dick (17+) then itd be believable to see him fighting alongside batman. in the 2nd film they could fast foward a few years and have tim be robin, and only breifly mention that there was a second robin before tim ( think the newer btas). in the 3rd or 4th film you could introduce a new mysterious and brutal vigilante named red hood. the climax of course him being revealed as the 2nd fallen robin. they could tell his story thru flash backs. what do yall think??

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