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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Edguy View Post
Technically, wouldn't Green Lantern be the one connected to the biggest comic franchise out there?
As far as existing comic film franchises, I dont see it that way. Wasnt just talking strictly comics. Comic wise both are huge I wouldnt really argue one is larger in scale then the other. Lantern sales good but if DC has an edge sales wise over Marvel its cause of Batman and Supes. I dont think Iron Man, Thor etc sale close to them. Spidey, X men and Avengers are pretty huge sellers too. Overall I think Marvel comics is currently #1. Could be wrong. Film wise no question MCU leads currently.

Audiences will know that GOTG is connected with Avengers. Lantern wasnt connected to anything really. Possibly down the line but audiences would be completely unaware and it wasnt marketed like that. Right now its left as a stand alone solo film.

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