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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I LOVE that scene and not just because of Anne Hathaway; Bruce Wayne's Howard Hughes moment was outstanding.

The Bruce/Selina moments are my favorite chemistry between two characters in any of the Batman films. Even outside of Nolan's.

They both just really nailed it. Beautifully. I rewatch the clips on YouTube on a semi-regular basis and am charmed all over again every time.

I didn't like Bale's Batman matched up against her Catwoman as much as the above, but that's on Bale's end of things, not Anne's. I loved how guilty and sober she looked as she watched on after having betrayed him. Also, when she kisses him before he goes to his seeming death. So well done.

Bale's issues can easily be chalked that up to the writing ("So that's how that feels") and the suit giving him problems speaking/breathing. I'm not thinking it's actually his fault so much, as neither of these were problems with his Batman performance in Batman Begins.

Often wonder how Begins Batman would have interacted with Anne's Catwoman. Alas...

But hey, maybe if Anne gets her way and does a spin-off, Bale can have a supporting role...

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