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Originally Posted by roach View Post
However the main thing to think about is that Marvel isnt a big studio.
Marvel is essentially as big as they want to be. They haven't had a single film that couldn't be deemed a financial success, and they have plenty of money to play with considering the profits of their movies so far.

They can't handle more than two or three major franchises at a time.
Not true. They could handle it financially. They are sticking to two films a year because they fear over-saturating the market, especially considering Sony and Fox are putting out Marvel films almost every year as well. If Sony and Fox weren't creating Marvel films, over-saturation wouldn't be as big of a concern.

Getting X-men and FF would strain their resources...sure they have Mickey Money to play with but that isnt always a good thing borrowing money from mom and dad.
Disney owns Marvel Studios. Disney profits from Marvel Studio's success. If producing more films per year were deemed a profitable course of action, Disney would back it in any way possible because it means more money for them in the end. I'm not sure what you mean by "borrowing money" from Disney.

If they were to get X-men and FF back we wouldnt see them in movies for a long time.
Again...not necessarily true. No reason why Marvel Studios wouldn't fill in the Marvel movie gap left by Fox if they got the rights back.

So Disney is content to let Fox do movies and get a cut of the profits. Pretty much doing very little and getting paid.
Not getting paid as much as they would be if they produced the films themselves. They are getting as much of a cut as they are putting work into the films...which is, like you said, "very little".

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