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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 9

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
right, but I mean when people like me who have no knowledge of the Thor world see that thing as a big super powerful robot type monster from a distant world that is now on earth, so it makes sense to keep that theory going.

I understand that in the comics The Destroyer is super crazy powerful and scary but in the MCU it's clearly been given a different route to take. It still very well could have been the most powerful thing to walk midgard, but Thor was superior and what was left of the Destroyer has been adapted to the MCU to combat future Asguardian threats.
That's the problem in my eyes. A lot of people I've seen think it's ridiculous as well. The issue was having Thor beat it effortlessly in the first place. Again, it's different in the movies, I know. But it's not like it's a tossup. Thor beating the destroyer in the comics wouldn't be taken seriously at all. Remotely.. something THAT powerful. Depowering it beyond the scale the MCU has is unacceptable. Nevermind shield and stark being ABLE to reverse engineer it.

They can do what they want with the movies, I understand. but that doesn't make it acceptable/recievable. something THAT powerful shouldn't be depowered to the point where thor can beat it. It's been depowered far beyond the scale everyone else has. That would be like having Thanos in the movies be able to be defeated by ironman 1 on 1. Casually. Thanos blasts ironman. Ironman blasts back. Tackles him into the ground, thanos throws him. Ironman unibeams him, then blasts Thanos around till he's out of commission. It's ridiculous and shouldn't happen. We'd deem it unacceptable, because of the power levels.

Thor effortlessly taking down the destroyer, then SHIELD and now Stark being able to reverse engineer it, that's unaccetable.

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