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Default Re: What did Dr. Pavel do after the plane crash?

Originally Posted by tincan View Post
Well the film should have made an attempt to explain what Pavel did during all that time.
Why should it have?

It's not relevant to the story and plot, or main characters. The movie was quite long and STILL didn't touch deeply enough on many more important issues and themes. It certainly didn't need to waste any more screentime on Pavel.

Although when Bane killed Pavel, how much time did the bomb have to expire? I have forgotten that part. If it was five more months for the bomb to go off when Bane killed Pavel, then he wasn't kept hostage for as long.
Pavel was kept as a hostage for six months, as the prologue (the plane heist) takes place six months before Bane enacts his plan in Gotham (confirmed in dialogue by Talia when Bruce shows the reactor to her). The bomb then goes off five months after that.

Originally Posted by tincan View Post
Okay another question, where and how did they capture Bane for the plane heist, and what was he up to before being caught?
Nobody captured Bane for the plane heist. The whole thing was a setup orchestrated by Bane, to get him on the plane with Dr. Pavel so they could extract him. The person driving the car (carrying Bane and the other hooded thugs) was Barsad, Bane's right-hand man.

I thought he was rejected by the League of Shadows, so he couldn't have been hanging out with League of Shadows people before getting caught on purpose.
Bane was rejected by the League of Shadows by Ra's al Ghul, before "Batman Begins." This movie, "The Dark Knight Rises," takes place 9 years after "Batman Begins."

After Batman defeats Ra's, it's perfectly conceivable that the League of Shadows was in shambles, and that Bane and Talia went back to the League to take over the leadership in the resulting power vacuum.

It's also perfectly conceivable that Bane wasn't actually leading the League, and that he just claimed to for his own purposes.

It's also perfectly conceivable that he made his own, new "League of Shadows," now that the original, Ra's-League had been defeated.

Both of these latter two theories jive with the fact that Bane's methods seem a bit more blatant and roundabout than typical League methods.

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