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Default Re: Sly Cooper 4 anyone?

Originally Posted by MagnarTheGreat View Post
^The Second Funniest Podcast has a bunch of spoilery interviews with the people behind the game, including a producer, animators, the lead designer, as well as the voice actor for Sly, as well. There's four episodes so far.
Yeah, I've been hearing them. There's some interesting facts, thought I'm a bit annoyed that
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
they haven't talked about why Dimitri was cut from the game and why did they make Penelope evil

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I can say the biggest difference between this show [YOUNG JUSTICE] and "ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN" is showcased in one detail; this show expects their audience to know who H.G. Welles is, while "USM" assumes kids have never done anything but play video games in their room or watch MTV.
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