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Default Re: Antje Traue IS Faora in The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by rakerforest View Post
Thanks for that Greeneyes. I've wanted to see some of her earlier performances for a while. There's actually a few on youtube, including a trailer for a film that she wrote.

She seems easy to cast in the tough/bad female, though I imagine that she wouldn't want to end up getting stuck in a typecast.
Hi rakerforest,she does look like a tough or bad female,I'd add sadistic to that as well

Have you seen Lena Olin in Romeo is Bleeding?,what a great performance from her and Gary Oldman in that,I can see Antje playing a major role as a similar kind of character,and as you say with the Faora role,she could end up being typecast as a 'psycho beatch'

If you don't mind,can you post a few links to the youtube movies or clips of her that you mention,or pm me them if you prefer?

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