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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

@The Guard

How is it not touched on again? Bruce wakes up in the pit...first thing he asks is, "Why didn't you just kill me?" That's before he even knows where he is. Bane tells him he welcomes death and his punishment must be more severe. Then Bruce tries to talk Tom Conti into letting the prisoners kill him (which reminds me of "Couldn't they kill me before breakfast?"...full circle). I think you can definitely read some disappointment into Bruce asking Bane why he didn't kill him, especially the way Bale plays it. Without that aspect the line has so much less meaning and is just generically moving the plot forward. But the subtext is right there for the taking.

Not to mention, The ENTIRE ending is a resolution to this idea. Batman's final moments in the Bat, Alfred's tears of regret, Bruce's ultimate choice...the whole fact that the movie gives us the he dies/he lives ending at the same time. These things are all commenting on the idea of a heroic self-sacrificing death for Batman, the emotional consequences of that for all the characters, and the ultimate relief that Bruce no longer sees "only one end" to his journey.

Look, you don't have to like the way it was "handled" and you can call it underdeveloped if that's how you found it, but I walked out of the film with the full understanding that Bruce either was craving a "good death" (stands to reason since they borrowed a lot of elements from TDKReturns) or was at least okay with dying. It doesn't particularly matter which, because the main idea is that either way- his lack of fear of death is intrinsically tied up with his will to live...which is severely lacking. I found the scene the climb out of the pit to be by far the most emotionally satisfying of the film. That scene simply would not have had the power it does if it hadn't been adequately established that this was going to be a transformative experience for Bruce, and not just him escaping the prison so he can go stop the bad guy.

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