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Default Re: The ‘Batman’ Casting Thread

Viggo there reminds me a ton of TDK's Maroni.

Love the idea of Brosnan as Alfred and Weaver as Dr. Thompkins. That'd be beautiful.

Matt Smith would be an interesting Joker - but also the Riddler. Not sure which he suits better. I question that he'd pull off 'creepy' convincingly for Joker, but he's already shown whispers of what could be expanded into a fantastic Riddler in his Doctor Who campaign.

There are a lot of other cool choices for Riddler too though.

I'm gonna be a little rude here, but Jon Hamm has got to be the most boring choice for Bruce Wayne I've ever seen become popular. Square jaws and nice and all, but come on. I don't get any charisma for this kind of part from him at all. -- Plus, he's too old at this point for depicting a Batman in his prime.

TDKReturns adaptation? Sure, I'd consider him a potential fit for that.. But then, I wouldn't care to see that directly adapted, don't feel all of it's components have aged well - plus, Rises lifted heavily from it already, and we have the animated version.

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