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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

The disappointment thing is conjecture. I didn't read that at all. For me, he seems to be defeated, dazed, and prying for answers as to Bane's motives. He doesn't understand what Bane's doing yet. It would have been efficient for Bane to have just killed Batman and had his way with Gotham, so that must have seemed unusual enough to ask about.

Ultimately, that inefficiency wound up costing Bane the win. So it was pretty logical to question it. I know I would have.

"Couldn't they kill me before breakfast?" was more sarcastic and fearless than it was suicidal.

To me, TDKR was more about Bruce showing his true intentions after people misunderstood him. More than just misunderstood.. people lost faith in him. Even Alfred misread him, but he proved all that wrong with a heartfelt magic trick. It was more, 'See? Everything's okay, just like I said it was.'

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