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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

The forums move fast here. Honestly, I think all the fans got themselves hyped up and that hype allowed them to watch the movie in theaters with rose tinted glasses. Now, the movie is older and some of the new shine has rubbed off, and people start seeing flaws. I think that's part of it, but definitely not all of it.

I think Thundercrack has point in that it really comes down to the fact that The Dark Knight is widely considered better. A dip in quality, no matter how slight, will likely leave a bad taste in fan's mouths.

Plus, have you seen this place? Everyone (over)analyzes every detail of the movie. Any movie is going to look worse under a critical microscope that is applied ruthlessly over and over again.

Don't agree with this post? Well, it's stylistically designed to be that way, and I can't undo that, but I can diminish the effect of it.
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