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Originally Posted by Benstamania View Post
Which is why I could careless about third party games on the WiiU... Who buys Nintendo for 3rd party? I buy Nintendo for their better than the majority first party games. They need to focus on games you'll ONLY get on Nintendo.

Give me an HD Fire Emblem damnit.
Just thinking of the potential this Wii U has for making me happy makes me all kinds of giddy. An HD Zelda? **** yeah! An HD Fire Emblem? Sweet Jesus YES! Like you said, people buy Nintendo for Nintendo games. I bought my Wii U, went to Gamestop and discovered I could play Arkham Asylum and COD BLOPS2? To Hell with that. Once they start releasing Nintendo games the Wii U is going to just make me indescribably happy. I still think Nintendo should have worked to make Wind Waker HD a launch title. That would have been sweet!

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