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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

I find it pretty discouraging to be honest. Some fans were legitimately disappointed for certain reasons, and that I can understand.

But the whole thing about plot holes and trying to find a logical flaw in every single aspect of the movie is a bunch of nonsense that defeats the purpose of sitting down, watching a movie and allowing it to take you on a journey. If I was as critical on every movie as the TDKR's critics are on it, I'd probably be unable to enjoy most movies. A lot of internet movie fans tend to overreact if there are "holes" in something because they want to assert their intellect, and seem to have problems liking something if they feel it somehow insulted their intelligence. Hence you have a lot of people saying things like..."I enjoyed it while was I was watching it, but when you think about it later it all falls apart." Which in most cases I've found that they simply were not watching the same movie as the people who loved it were. There are some fundamental differences in interpretation between those who loved the movie and those who didn't...that much I have observed in the past 8 months debating this film on here. And there are so many pivot points in the film, where if one particular element doesn't work for you, it has a ripple effect on the whole film. Whereas conversely, if you loved the same element, it only enhances the rest of the film. Hence the polarized reaction. That's not to say there's no middle ground, there is. But when you have such extreme polarized reactions, you know you're probably dealing with a piece of art.

Just my .02. When I walked out of the theater, before I even looked at a single comment online I knew it would have its detractors. Catwoman killing Bane alone was enough to expect all the "Bane went out like a b****!" comments. But I also felt very strongly that it was an extremely worthy conclusion to this trilogy, one that I believed would stand the test of time. And as a result of that, I think time will be kind to TDKR the same way it was kind to Return of the Jedi. People in my generation (90s kids) grew up loving Return of the Jedi as much as the other movies. There was no need to choose between movies or pick a favorite, because they were all telling one grand story and ROTJ was the thrilling conclusion.

Similarly, I imagine today's soon to be pre-teens and teens discovering the Dark Knight trilogy and being blown away by ALL of it. They won't have that added pressure of anticipation between films. They won't have four agonizing years wondering how they're going to follow up Heath Ledger's performance. They'll just have three great Batman movies waiting for them that tell a very coherent and powerful story. What we all experienced over the course of 7 years, they can over the course of 8 hours. Granted, they may also not love it as much as we did because they didn't get to experience the hype. But what I'm saying is that these are great movies that have what it takes to survive beyond the hype. Rises most surely included, for both the positive and negative hype.

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