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Default Re: What did Dr. Pavel do after the plane crash?

Originally Posted by tincan View Post
Okay another question, where and how did they capture Bane for the plane heist, and what was he up to before being caught? I thought he was rejected by the League of Shadows, so he couldn't have been hanging out with League of Shadows people before getting caught on purpose.
Seriously man, you're asking some pretty irrelevant questions, lol.

But, I'll bite...Bane was ex-communicated, indeed, but that was during Ra's al Ghul's reign. He died years ago and him and Talia al Ghul started what should be called the League of Shadows 2.0. And no one "captured" Bane. It was a ploy to take down the CIA's plane and their plan of escorting Dr. Pavel into the US under their custody.

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