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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

often buzz grows in black and white terms. The simple positive vs negative (as good as TDK vs not as good as TDK) is what is sieved out of comments and conversations, and is what spreads, over time resulting in (amazing vs awful, most dissapointing, etc)

Ever played telephone?

This is present in two ways here.

Buzz, developing (and simplifying) over time is what caused TDK to be elevated to what it is in people's minds. Some sort of holy grail of movies.

At the same time, TDKR, not living up to that ^^^, caused it to start with the immediate reaction of 'being worse'. That comparison creates a negative feeling, even though the movie was great. Or at least, that negativity is what spreads, is what's sieved out of comments and buzz on the internet, and is exponentially decreasing it's buzz.

This was the same case (though much more warranted) with Spiderman 3 and Xmen 3, and especially Iron Man 2.
When those movies came out, they were known as being disappointing, but still good. C+ movies.

Now, people talk about those movies as if they're F level movies.

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