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I do buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games. But you know what would be NIIIICE? To also get really...good...3rd party games on the same system. I would actually like to just have the one game system (Wii U) this generation, with Nintendo pumping out all the Kirby and Donkey Kong and Kid Icarus while still getting all the awesome Konami, Namco, etc. games that Nintendo (especially during their Wii reign) is always getting denied.

I'm just rather sick of seeing triple-A titles appear on Sony & Microsoft's systems while Nintendo gets s&*^. "Metal Gear Solid 5 on the PS4 vs. Metal Gear: Fortune Board (a Mario Party board game with MG characters) for the Wii U... ...ckin' serious?!"

I get it. I go into a Nintendo investment for their games, but unless that company can churn out their all-star games like twice a month, every month, I want the same level of quality 3rd-party games their competitors get. It would be nice to NOT have to also buy yet another Playstation just for 3rd-party games (I don't like Sony's IPs).

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