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Default Re: I need Help X-Men style

Why forget x3 just say that scott was blown away from jean/ phoenix and was up wind from where wolverine was looking, maybe hidden by a big rock or fallen tree, that way wolvie could not smell or see him, scott later wakes up with a mild amnesia and wonders into town and soon regains his memories and arrives at the mansion after the credits rolled. We know that xavier wakes up at the end of x3 in the body of the brain dead man, and the brain dead man looks exactly like him but with a beard, shave the beard and presto you still have xavier, but he can walk again. also after the credits mageto's powers were shown to be coming back cause he moved the chess piece, therefore rogues powers should also return. Jean is simple she resurrects again, lol. and if you give me a description of what you want the cover to look like who is on it and or something like that I could try to do a sample cover for you.

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