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Default Re: Anyone feel the same way...?

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
So you didn't like Batman Begins because it didn't feel 'modern' enough to you, but your default favorite film at the time was Empire Strikes Back??

'Modern' doesn't dictate the quality of a film for me personally. Especially if your definition of modern is stylistic cliches of the time. Thank god Begins did it's own thing in that case.
Maybe modern was the wrong word, I don't know. But in any case, Begins felt claustrophobic aka studio set and fuzzy/smokey. Both those things remind me of the 'gritty' stuff of the 80's/90's (like Darkman, off the top of my head) and I've never been into that look or feel. The TDK and TDKR became these big, clean frames of real locations Obviously they used their share of stages, but whatever happened that changed their shooting style carried it off easily. It's like the difference between New Hope and Empire, or Terminator and T2.

While the word 'modern' (which again, I may have used inappropriately) may not dictate quality of the film to you, there's no doubt that a films look is almost, if not as important as the plot, its characters (ALL of which were hugely improved in the sequels mentioned) and is a big factor to the overall quality of a film.

EDIT: Wait, I 'didn't like Batman Begins'? I like Batman Begins just fine. Solid as hell, I'm always more than satisfied when I watch it. I just felt like there was better to come.

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