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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by *Whiplash* View Post
So Pepper will have an arc reactor in her chest?
I'm gonna go back and say "no" on the arc reactor thing as 4chan trolling.

What happened in 4chan the other day is that a guy came in claiming to have a production guide to the armors in IM3. It had an extensive list of armors with very realistic, authentic, believable descriptions, including spoilerific plot points attached to each. *That* guide, most of us here and in the blogosphere seem to believe in. (The international IM3 poster definitely backs up a large part of that.)

But. Shortly thereafter, the discussion was sabotaged by trolls (still claiming to be the OP) who claimed to have seen the whole movie, and they started whipping off plot points and scenes that became increasingly outlandish and are probably absolute B.S.

Bottom line is that the idea about AIM planting an arc reactor in Pepper came from the troll group, not the OP. The OP's production guide leak says only that Tony assembles a version of the Mk 42 on Pepper to aid in her escape from an AIM stronghold, and its official designation is "R.E.S.C.U.E." Again, I'm writing off the arc reactor part to trolling.


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