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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
We are talking 2016. ILM is in house now. I am sure they can scrap together a project for 250 million tops. That's staggering, but not back breaking this day and age. With any luck, the movie can easily double it's budget world wide. Again, we are assuming this is the direct followup to Avengers 2, so you got that going for it. If Hulk gets jettisoned into space, people are going to want to know what the deal is. It doesn't kill the momentum from Avengers 2. If you open PIII with Ant-Man or Black Panther, you kill the momentum.
Ant Man is opening Phase 3, November 2015.

Anyway, Vile pointed out on the last page that Ain't it Cool News are saying Planet Hulk/WWH isn't happening, El Mayimbe got it wrong.

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