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Default Re: The Winter Soldier Thread

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Who's gonna recognize him, other than Cap? And Cap was presumed dead for the 70+ years that WS was in operation.

Bucky was presumed dead. It's possible that whoever "inherited" Winter Soldier has no idea themselves of his true identity. He's just a long-haired guy with a bionic arm and he never misses a shot. They pull him out of ice every few years to go off somebody, then throw him back into the fridge. He's not gonna be recognizable to anybody except Cap and maybe Zola.
Well, SHIELD has the dossiers on the Howling Commandos in the deleted scenes. So presumably anyone with access to those files, Hill, Fury, Sitwell. Then of course, there's Natasha.

I disagree that he's a symbol, too. He's, at most, a bogeyman. A story about some superspy who could be anyone and could strike anywhere, at any time.

He isn't supposed to have an image.

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