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Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
I said Superman wouldn't have been a success for decades, entertaining generations, if Superman failed to function as an entertaining character. Of course I'm referring to the vast amount of successful Superman material over the decades, not flops like the 1975 musical TV special or poor quality like the two movie serials from the late '40s.
Or any number of comic runs from the Silver and Bronze ages - including goofy stuff like Mr. Mxyzptlk, a menagerie of super pets or the Superman’s Pal and Girlfriend titles.

If you consider that crap then that tells me you are not much of a Superman fan at all if you can't appreciate and enjoy the classic Superman material.
I’d say I’m a fan of the Superman concept and the basic mythos. But that doesn’t mean that everything and anything featuring the character is axiomatically a storytelling gem. I don’t grade Supes on a curve; I judge the material against similar genres to be found in literature, film, etc. And by that criterion, it’s frequently bad-to-middling.

That is a ridiculous comparison...
The point of those comparisons was to note that a given property can be interpreted for different demographics. And if one version happens to be simplistic/family friendly, this doesn’t necessarily inform or constrain more mature iterations.

Was The Avengers conforming to Christopher Nolan's attempts at grounded "realism"? No, not really, and it was a huge, huge success.
Though I greatly admire the DK trilogy, I thought the level of “realism” in IM, Thor and Avengers was just fine. So we’re talking relative “realism” - distinguished from, say, the decidedly campy/silly approach of the Reeve movies (or, for that matter, the Lives screenplay).

Superman with a cocky sense of humor doesn't make him less entertaining or less adults or less believable as a character. There are people with that kind of cocky wisecracking personality in real life. He's smiling/smirking amusedly at criminals as they shoot him since the bullets harmlessly bounce off him.
Again, it’s a question of what strikes the modern audience as plausible (given the genre conceits). The first time someone shoots at our hero, Supes (himself) might not be certain if he can withstand the volley. Not really a lighthearted moment. Subsequently, Supes will be more assured - but the bad guys (presumably) still have the full intention of murdering a human being (otherwise, it’s a pointless waste of bullets). So, still not a credible time to inject comedy. (The smirk after the “eyeball scene” in SR would be about as far as you should go.)

A reminder, this thread is about Tim Burton's Superman Lives...
My own digressions have been relatively concise compared to yours. That’s not a complaint; as others have mentioned, your posts are interesting. Regarding the Superman Lives screenplay, I thought it was amateurishly bad. Abrams’ 2nd draft of Flyby, though it had issues, was better by miles.

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