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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

The whole thing about the living up to the high standard seems to be so focussed once again on plot points. But there are so many other aspects to filmmaking.

It completely lives up to the high standard of its predecessors and even surpasses them in some cases when it comes to acting, cinematography, score, emotion, scale, action, depth. All of these things are huge reasons I even go to the movies, and this film is just flat out dominant when it comes to all of them. It all combines to create something extremely resonant.

I also agree with TheBat812 that it accentuates Nolan's greatest flaws due to the scale. But I think at the same time it showed just how much he has grown as a filmmaker. And for all the criticisms that have been thrown Nolan's way over the years about his films being too "cold", I find TDKR's palpable heartbeat and emotional storytelling to be the perfect answer to that. Just like Selina Kyle is the perfect answer to someone saying that he can't portray an interesting female character.

I think if anything, the negativity has been increasing because that's what happens to every single superhero film after the newness wears off. I think this review is spot-on when it comes to the divisiveness regarding the film and whether or not it holds up:

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