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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
... shame none of those nods or references included great Batman characterisation.
Calling Gotham City "MY city" and not wanting his city to die without anyone to protect it isn't great Batman characterization? Even with not being at his prime, he still wants to do right with the city. Don't try to say him being out of action for eight years wasn't Batman characterization just because that's what Nolan's Batman was about...taking out the mobs and that was it, Batman was not needed in Nolan's trilogy for that time. It's not the comics, it's someone else's vision. At least blame the entire trilogy if you view that not the way you'd want Batman to be, but the fact that you only blame TDKR is baffling as hell.

And retiring is different as well, of course, but this isn't the BatGod kind of character you see in the comics either.

It goes hand in hand because Nolan proved with the first two films that he could ground his stories in a realistic and compelling city. This is not the case with TDKR, where crime has miraculously perrished and the citizens will go primitive at the first sight of an obviously scary guy making speeches.
I'll take realism first...that goes out of hand even for fanboys because he did not make a trilogy based on realism, but based on being relatable. TDK doesn't even become that realistic when you look at it(Harvey Dent being able to withstand his injuries out of a hospital bed, the Bat-pod being part of The Tumbler, the RICO ordeal, Batman getting Lau out of China without the government doing anything about it). Of course, more comic-booky elements are given to the series as the the three films progresses, but TDKR isn't the first in the trilogy to have those elements either.

The city? Yes, the city needed more of a soul, but it was relatable. It did give the views of how people who are not raised in a richer area will react to people who do "have it made" as Bane's revolution was created before all of the Occupy happenings. That's as real as you can get when you describe something that can very well happen and did, but it needed to be developed more and sadly, it didn't.

And again you bring up the crime...once again, blame the entire trilogy when it was mentioned in Batman Begins that the root of the problem is the mobs. Don't like it? Do the thing that's smarter and blame BB for making the problem, really, that simple.

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