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Default Re: The Official Valiant Comics Thread

At this point I just tell Valiant to shut up and take my money. I was hoping that they wouldn't have a big crossover so soon into their rebirth, but the Harbinger Wars just seems like two books crossing over instead of a GIANT MEGA EVENT THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING that comics seem to always have. With what's been happening in Bloodshot I see where things are heading towards the Harbingers a bit.

Gay Marriage: "You don't have to go to the wedding if you don't like it! So two people who are in love can't get married because it hurts your feelings? That's wrong."

Batgirl Variant cover: "How dare they do this?! I don't care if you like the cover and want to buy it. It offends me and it should be banned!"

Ladies and gentlemen you are witnessing the Horseshoe Theory at work.
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