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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

I'm of the mindset that when the casting for IM1 was announced, I was really excited for Terrence Howard playing Rhodey, because to go with the great actors of RDJ, Gwyneth, and Bridges, Terrence is an incredible respected actor and deservedly so. His portrayal of Rhodey however for some reason left something to be desired in me. Maybe its because he wasnt War Machine in part 1, but then again I never expected him to be that early.

What it comes down to for me is the portrayal of the character. Terrence to me played Rhodey much more as a yes man to Tony, the best friend who wouldn't necessarily tell Tony that he was wrong. It may just be better writing for the character: which I can't believe I'm saying while referring to IM2, but Don Cheadle's Rhodey was more of what I wanted, Tony's backbone, the person that would steer him right when he wanders. In the comics Tony has often said he loves Rhodey so much because nothing he has impresses Rhodey to the point where he just kisses his ass.

And to be quite honest even before Don was cast, I could never really picture Terrence's face under the mask if you know what I mean.

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