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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
You know what, that's a valid interpretation. But I think it's arguable that your interpretation (that everything was okay all along) has some conjecture to it as well. But both of ours are coherent interpretations, depending on how you read into certain lines throughout the movie.
Of course. That's the intentional premise of one of the points I was trying to make. 'This is conjecture. Here's an example of how conjecture is unreliable, because I interpreted it differently than you'.

I listed what definite proof was available in the film to determine a conclusion from, and also how I read into the non-definite stuff differently.

I believe Alfred does understand Bruce better than anyone, even himself.
I think he's been a source of wisdom, but (at least in Nolan's trilogy) he's never truly understood him so much as tried to guide him when he felt he was lost. Alfred has an established set of ideals, and Bruce didn't always adhere to that. Whether it was right or wrong to do so was situational.

It was right to in TDK, but wrong to in TDKR. Alfred had no faith in Bruce by Rises, and Bruce showed him he was wrong about it -- not in a spiteful way, obviously. It was more of a reassurance.

The entire ending is about reassurance. Gordon finding the signal, Blake finding the cave, the statue being erected, etc.

It was the promise he tried to make at the end of TDK, but couldn't complete with honesty. This time, he's done it right.

And in TDKR, that is the thing that is making him weaker, it's the thing he must overcome. Even if it's the faintest little thought in the back of his mind, he needs to be fully committed to living if he wants to come out on top in the fight of his life. He needs that extra push.
What I gathered it to be was his disillusionment coupled with his fearlessness (which, at times, crossed over to rage and arrogance) making him weak.

Why do we fall?
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