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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I could see what you mean about him not necessarily looking the part with the War Machine suit on, but I wouldn't call him a yes man to Tony. He took quite a hard line with Tony when he announced that he would stop making weapons.
Yes but so did everyone else. Rhodey being Tony's best friend, and for the purpose of dramatic narrative, should put a different type of pressure on Tony then the other characters in the movie.

As far as the two having chemistry, I think it was harder to come across in IM2 because in IM1 the status quo of Tony and Rhodey's relationship never changed from being supportive buddies. In IM2 Rhodey was actively opposing Tony, there was never a real moment for the two to just sit back and have a laugh out loud moment, like on the airplane at the beginning of IM1.I do think they have chemistry together and the scene that proves it for me was the very end with the drone battles. The whole bells and whistle, being a badass dialogue was priceless to me. I love the suit envy that Tony and Rhodey have, and that is directly placed on Don's shoulders, he brought that to the film. I truly do expect to see their relationship grow and evolve in IM# and hopefully have some time for the laugh out loud moments that made Robert and Terrence so money together in IM1

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