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Speaking of theft, I hope there is a special place designated in hell for people who steal mail. Some soon to be dead man stole my Batman Unlimited Batgirl earlier this week. Luckily, Walmart down the street got one in, so I was able to replace it, but I am still fuming. Nothing I hate more than being stolen from. The next day, I filled a box full of cat **** and left it out by my mailbox, along with a very threatening later. Luckily, he took that too. I hope he enjoyed it. So now I have to pick up all my packages at the post office, which is sad. This world is full of scumbags. All I hope is that I can catch this guy, I might steakout the mail boxes one night and see if he comes by. He'll learn quicklly that you shouldn't steal from someone who's 6 foot 2, 285, and used to block Dwight Freeney in high school football practice. And not to mention, someone who makes his living cutting meat and lugging heavy boxes around.

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