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Default Re: Planet Hulk in Phase 3?

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
Well, if Fox ever ramps it up with that project, a summer release may be more profitable. Maybe they'd put it off a year if they can lock down a solid release date. What's coming in in 2015 in terms of comic book movies aside from that an Avengers? I don't know anything scheduled for later that year off the top of my head. Star Wars 7 Memorial Day and Pirates 5 around July, but nothing else rings a bell. I don't buy Justice League or MoS 2 making that year. That's why we need a ****ing Planet Hulk movie.
possibly. That all depends IF hulk actually gets sent away in avengers 2. Which I sorta doubt. Also, as Dent said before, phase 3 won't be Hulk centered. Avengers 3 will not be world war hulk. It will probably just be a small part, factoring into a bigger story. Antman is the start to phase 3. Ultron will more than likely be the MAIN villain in phase 3, for avengers 3. In an avengers franchise, Ultron is WAY more important for an avengers movie than WWH. With antman kicking off phase 3, bet my ass that Ultron will be the main villain. If there is a planet hulk/wwh part to it, it will probably only be a small role. And I bet it will have to do with Ultron somehow tricking people into getting Hulk into space. Hulk doesn't know about it, he returns pissed off at the people who sent him away, attacks. Battle. He learns it was Ultron. Ultron plot continues.

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