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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I am not race baiting, I'm stating how your comments come off objectively. It sounded borderline racist whether you realized it or not. You took an officer not being stuck up and turned it into him being a "gangsta pimp" and a shivin and jivin black guy...which you said yourself. How is that not borderline racist? You're taking the fact that he is black and putting a stereotype on him because he wasn't all orderly conduct the entire film as an Airmen, or in other words he because acted like a real person. I'm not saying you were overtly racist but it came off that way to an extent. Don't use terms like gangsta pimp and basically calling him a token 60s black guy when it is not remotely called for.

And finally, most people and officers in the AF just don't act like that, especially when they're not in front of their superiors. I don't know how it was back when your dad was in it, but I am actually in the Air Force right now, and I can tell you from first hand experience none of the offices I know act like they have a stick in their ass 100% of the time.

No, because he's calling the way Howard portrays Rhodey's character a "gangsta pimp" and 60s "jivin" black guy for no legitimate reason at all. Half the examples he used to support his claim didn't even come from Rhodey in context. Rhodey didn't come up with the hum-vee, Tony did. Rhodey did not want to drink on the plane, Tony did. Rhodey refused to blow on Tony's dice because that's what women do, which Tony asked him to do. Yes I asked what the hell was wrong with him because what he said was uncalled for.
The *portrayal* is racist. Instead of letting Rhodey act like a dignified officer, like he was in the comics, like Cheadle portrays him in 2 & 3, the writers pulled up black buddy-cop sidekick. *Yes,* Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, all that. *That's* what's "borderline racist," and I call Fav and/or the writers and/or Howard on that, because it made Rhodey look like a ****.

Cheadle doesn't act like "he's got a stick up his ass" --- he acts like he's got a sense of duty to his country, that he's disgusted with seeing his best friend become a degenerate. In IM2, Rhodey is the foil to Tony, and as Tony falls deeper and deeper into degeneracy, it's Rhodey that acts more and more like a true hero.

Howard & RDJ might have had more "chemistry," if you define "chemistry" as being your bro-man; but Cheadle & RDJ have "chemistry" in the sense that they act as foils to each other, while at the same time being friends. Their chemistry is based on being opposites; Howard's chemistry is based on being Tony's bud. Howard could *not* have pulled off the seriousness that Rhodey's role required in IM2. Instead of standing head and shoulders above a drunk Tony partying and pissing in his armor, Howard Rhodey would have just said "awww HAYLE no" and gone all Will Smith on him.


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