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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by CastlesInTheAir View Post
The only thing remotely true about the "buddy-cop" thing would be that RBJ and Terrence Howard seemed like buddies. Rhodey wasn't a cop in that movie. He wasn't a gangster. He wasn't a pimp.
no. but he acted like some other actors who played cops/gangster/pimps in that specific way. I won't mention the names of those other actors because that would be racist by your definition.
Howard decided to portrait Rhodey that way. I'm not a fan of that decision, because it didn't fit Rhodey I knew from the comics and made not much sense. His behaviour as acted just was wrong for the character he played. His behaviour would have fit however if he had played Tony Stark who sometimes was shown to have a more extravagant persona. If Howard would have played Stark I would have no problem with it.

It wasn't Marvel Studios that made me a Marvel Zombie, it was every other movie studio failing at making superhero movies as good as them!


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