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Default Re: Antje Traue IS Faora in The Man of Steel

I actually noticed that trailer on Roman Kuhn's site first. He's the one who directed it. There's also an ad with her on the site and several rare photos of Antje. Some of them are her posing as Hedy Lamarr.

I have a feeling her and several other people were expecting Pandorum to be her big break, however, the film performed poorly;though it may have led to her landing the Faora role. It looks like Man of Steel has already done more for her career since she got another role in a big film after it.

Her accent probably hinders how much she can do in English speaking films, though I'm sure it's something that can and has been improved since Pandorum.

Did you notice that Berlin Am Meer was also on that site that you provided a link to? I sped through it and only noticed her in one scene. She was there for about three seconds.

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