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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post
Face palm all you want to....I think you need to re-read all your posts in here.

I understand that the intent of the thread was to discuss how TDKR is now getting a lot of bad talk. The topic has been discussed in multiple threads in the Batforums for months. You wanted one thread to consolidate the discussion. are not asking for unbiased discussion on the phenomenon. You instead made the thread a complaint that people who do not share the same opinion as you do about the film are expressing that dislike. As a complaint thread....I know what it can devolve into.

My post, the part you quoted and commented on, was about how nobody should talk bad about someone if they have a different opinion than they do. I made that post because (1) it's my job here (2) I've seen many threads like this denegrate into attacks against people with different opinions.

So...when you make a thread that basiclly complains about the people who have a different opinion than you draws many of those people into the thread to complain back at you....and it becomes yet another us against them thread of fights, name calling, and meanness.

Thus my post reminding everyone not to attack others.
Eh...forget it. Not worth trying to further bickering or make things worse. Moving on..

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