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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique: Oscar Winner Edition

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I guess the cure instantly deactivated all of her "mutant cells" including her blue skin and her scales. So if she wasn't born a mutant, she would have been a white girl.

The only mistake I saw there was the change of her hair color because Red is a natural hair color.
Mystique's race is Caucasian. Blue is not a race, its just a mutation. Secondly, the hair is a product of her mutation. It doesn't matter if red is a natural hair color. The gene that expresses her hair color is linked to her genetic mutation. Think of it this way: Caucasians and Asians both have straight hair, however the genes responsible for making their hair straight are two completely different genes. I'm assuming this is the same scenario for mystique where the gene for red hair is not natural

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