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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Go ahead: call me racist one more time.
I'll let the mods sort it out.

You asked for an opinion about Howard vs. Cheadle, and I gave my take on it. EXACT same argument I made back in the IM2 discussion years ago, and there were plenty of people who agreed with my assessment, and not ONE of the people back then thought it was remotely a racist statement. In fact, if there's any racism there, it's on the part of the writers/actors/directors who gave Rhodey lines like that and made him a walking stereotype.

If you don't see that or agree with that: fine. Your opinion vs. my opinion; we're all entitled to 'em. But if you *insist* on continually hurling epithets at me and making this a PERSONAL argument instead of an objective one, I'll let you address your next comments to the mods and let them decide who's worthy of the banhammer.

I'm done with this argument.

Why do you keep hiding behind the mods? No one said anything about banning anyone, we were just pointing out the flaws in your reasoning. You can call someone out on saying something wrong without calling them a racist.

I'm done here too, I just wanted to get that last bit out there.

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