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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
I have a question for those who didn't enjoy TDKR, or at least found it underwhelming: was there a point during the film when you realized this wasn't what you thought it was going to be?
For me personally I thought the film was good, not better than TDK or BB ( To be fair, BB is one of my all time favorite movies, I prefer it to TDK sometimes just because...i don't know I just love that movie).

But during the film, seeing Bruce reappear back in Gotham totally took me out of the movie, and I hear people say "Well I was fine with it" and I wish I was too, but the moment it happened I thought "damn, I wish I would've seen how he got back in".

Also the punching of the back scene, just took me out of the film.

Then Talia's reveal, which is cool, but that moment in the theater I thought well if they knew Bruce would not have made it out of the pit, when else would she have revealed herself? which might just be a nitpick of mine...but then I thought of the whole hallucination scene, and while I do like Ras coming back, it just felt a little forced for the reveal..but still, could just be a nitpick of mine

And, like others, the lack of Gotham's voice. I really thought we would have seen a Gotham inspired by Batman to stand up and fight back against Bane, and I understand why they wouldn't b/c of the bomb...I still was a little bummed not to see anyone but the police stand up---Also, the whole "send every cop into the sewers", I understand that has been exhausted as a criticism, but I think people can understand why some would think that is kind of illogical

I have no problem with Bane's death, Talia's death is a different story...I think Marion did the best she could..but come on, it is kind of funny imo

Finally...I just don't get why Bruce faked his death. I understand that he was frozen in time, and Alfred thinks Bruce wants to fail so he can finally leave this life he is stuck in (Bruce), but when Bane comes Bruce isn't going on a death wish, he really wants to stop Bane. But I just don't understand why Bruce Wayne, or the name i guess, has to die. I think it means that he is finally able to move on, I just don't think the execution was all that good

Not a bad film at all I just think TDK is better, and (imo) people may think BB is better---does anyone else think BB is a little underrated?

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