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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

Originally Posted by Schrute View Post
---does anyone else think BB is a little underrated?
Oh, most definitely.

It's Batman to me - Gotham feels like it should, the city is dark/gritty, it has a Batman driven to be Batman, it has a realistic feel whilst feeling like a comic book film - and it just feels more like Batman. Bruce Wayne/Batman was spot on and we had Wayne Manor, the potential for a Batcave, etc. We also had a Batman that looked like himself and not like he was a stack of armour - not to mention he was thought of as an urban legend and people feared him whereas in the next two films he was known to be a man, he operated in the light and waved goodbye to stealth. Despite feeling grounded, the 'mega-realism' that was present in the next two films wasn't there yet, and the series had potential to continue as a 'Batman' series. Color me a bit let down by the next two sequels in many ways even though I do like them.

In alot of ways, I feel like TDK is a crime film that happens to have Batman in it. People write off BB a bit too much in their attempt to put TDK on an even higher pedestal.

In my opinion, the sequels that followed BB un-did alot that was done in the first film in terms of setting, characterization, feel, style and the like. Batman became driven to quit-only, the city became dull and the city in BB was gone, the sequels got less comic-book in terms of feel so they lost what was a great balance, and they just lacked the feel of the Batman-film that BB did so well. In BB, I felt like the city was gritty with realism but I still could see Clayface existing in that world, for example. The next two films kind of sucked the color out of what was established both with characters and direction.

I think BB is overlooked alot of the time, so underrated...yes a bit. It won't be forgotten, but I think people seem to overlook it more since they're too busy praising TDK.

I like the Nolan Batman films...but I feel like 'Batman Begins' was the only Batman film of the series.

As a side note - One thing I find to be fickle is that every superhero film fanbase makes a big deal about how 'comic-accurate' a film should be - and if it is not faithful to the source material/if the director changes things then it's not a good thing. Yet...when Nolan did it, however many changes he wants to make, it's A-Okay. And I remember on IMDB when I was posting there in 2008 - I got flack for even hinting at being a bit put off by changes when these fans were originally praising Nolan for respecting the source material with BB.

Alot of Nolan-Fans seem fine with him changing source material yet I've seen them turn around a bash Burton for doing so as well. I'll tell you - if the next Batman series is more comic-accurate - Nolan's films will get alot more backlash on the internet forum-community.

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