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Default Re: Create Your Own X-men (Official Heromachine Thread)

Name: Tigress
Real Name: Ruth Rose Oaksily
Age: 21
Height: 5' 3" (yeah, she's short)
Weight: 75kg
Race: Australian, mixed with English
Eye Colour: Blue, but changes yellow when she needs to defend herself
Hair Colour: Brown, but changes a light brown (almost blonde) in the summer
Physical Description: Ruth is a quite bulky girl. She doesn't like to work out, but often fights with whoever is up for it in the x-men
Powers: Okay her first and 'mutant' power is that she can see blueprints of different weapons that are made out of ordianary objects. Her second power (though is actually an experiment) is the ability to turn into a tiger, thus the name Tigress
Family: Bruce Oaksily (father), Grace Oaksily (mother), Phil (oldest brother), Matt (second oldest brother), John and Bruce jr (youngest twin brothers
Origin: Okay this is a really detailed story and I've shortened it as much as I can.
She was born in a very stict sexiest family. Her father and brothers would usally slap, punch, kick ect. them for doing the tiniest thing wrong. At the age of twelve she got her powers. Her father punched her and broke her nose, something snapped then and she got her blueprint powers. Later that night her mother and her escaped and travled two hours to her mum's oldest brother's place.
Everything was alright untill she was nineteen. A group of masked men came and killed her remaining family except for her. She ran away that night and found by her friendlyist brother, Matt. He offered her a new life in return she'd contribute in an experiment and worked for him. Hastily she agreed. Matt injected the formula in her body, overnight it spread and gave her the ability to turn into a tiger.
Matt trained her until she was an elite assassin. Her mission was to become the romantic interest of the assistance mutant leader John, and at the right moment she would assassinate him. Ruth though became overly attached to him and couldn't kill him. John and two of his body guards kidnapped Ruth and questioned her about being a mutant. She had a rage fit and killed both the body guards and killed John slowly and painfully.
Matt and his best friend managed to stop Ruth, though Matt nearly got his head cut off. He told Ruth he could erase the two years she had just been through, she agreed to the plan and her memory was erased.
She woke up in a hostpital in Melbourne. The doctor told Ruth that she had been in a two year coma and that she was on her way to America to start a new life. Later that day she hopped on a plane to America.
Ruth wondered around a small town until Logan (who was sent by the professor) picked her up and offered her a place to stay at the school. She now is a vauled team member but has some arguements with both Scot and Logan. Ruth also has a massive crush on Logan, because she can relate more to him then anyone she had ever met.
Costume: She wears a simple black onsie with blue stripes on either side of her legs. But when she isn't wearing her costume she usally wears worn in jeans and her favorite purple hoodie
Personality: Ruth is quite smart but also is a smart-ass. She is angered easily but keeps it bottled inside until she 'erupts' with fury. She loves listening to rock music, and has a slight reble adittude to her.
Teachers: The professor, to learn how to properly use the tiger form (she had forgotten when her memory was wipped) and Logan, to learn new fighting techniques

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