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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 1

Originally Posted by ModusPonens View Post
I agree that his statements lack detail and really provide us with no new substance, but if he's seen the movie, then he'd certainly be under very strict orders to not divulge any information; his public twitter account would be a very unintelligent way to leak information to fans. His unwillingness to reveal more information might simply reflect direct orders from WB.

He could certainly be lying, and while there's no proof that he did see it, there also isn't any evidence that he didn't. I think the most reasonable attitude in this situation is to remain neutral and cautious, and to suspend judgement about the authenticity of his claims. I'm just excited that MoS is getting such positive buzz! While I would certainly prefer these early reports to be 100-percent authentic, at least all this buzz -- whether accurate or not -- is increasing awareness among the general public.
There are other ways to "prove" that you had seen it than to just give away spoilers, which he probably wouldnt be doing anyway. But yeah, again it's with the obvious. I mean, someone asks about the soundtrack, and he goes, "Hey, It's Hans Zimmer". Okaaay... What kinda answer is that? I dunno... he's just not very convincing, which I would be if I cared, and he seems like the type who cares.

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