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Default Re: am I the only one who DIDN'T think Nicholson nailed joker??

Originally Posted by OutRiddled View Post
You know how many comics they've made with Joker in it alone? He's been around since 1940. You could come up with so many different interpretations based on that long history. At his essence he is just another 'gimmick' villain - like all Batman villains started out as. Some peculiar trademark to set them apart from ordinary mobsters or regular villains. Only after decades of development did he obtain all the complexities to his character many people know of today.
I'm well aware of the history of Joker's characterization in the comics. I was shooting down your assertion that Ledger's Joker was not something you associate with the Joker from the comics when he is deeply rooted in the comic books.

I can also show you some quotes from DC Batman writers about the likeness of Ledger's Joker to the comics, too, if you like.

With Nicholson, I could tell the main influence was the original 1940 comic (Batman #1), which was Joker's first appearance. And pretty much everything else followed from that.
Funny the original appearance of the Joker was also an influence on Heath's as well. In the original Joker just appears as the Joker with no back story and no name just the Joker, announces he will kill people to Gotham, leaves Joker cards at the scene of his crimes, disguises himself as a Cop to get close to one of his victims, has some fisticuffs with Batman in one of their confrontations, and is captured at the end.

All things I saw in TDK. I didn't see any of that in Batman '89.

It doesn't really matter, though.
To you.

Every Batman movie has a damsel in distress, that the villain puts in danger so Batman has to rescue. Vicki's purpose was to string together the narrative, because after all, this is a movie not a comic book.
Vicki could easily have been a damsel in distress without the Joker taking a fancy to her. She was a photo journalist for the press sticking her nose into sightings of the Batman. A tailor made role to get into trouble.

Well he only mentions that in the museum, after killing everyone there and defacing all the artwork, so I assume it was all a sick joke to him.
No, he mentions it on TV as well. Napier's file also said one of his aptitudes was art.

It's all grand guignol, you don't have to take it literally.
Yes you do because that's the way it was. It wasn't a dream and it wasn't a case of mistaken identity. The movie makes no implications otherwise.

You notice the flashback scene was shot almost like a dream or nightmare.
Of course because it was a memory flashback to a horrible event.

It has a supernatural element to it. Because it was Bruce Wayne trying to remember the events, not an actual literal interpretation of what happened. It's all rooted in the psychological, unlike Nolan's version which has to be rooted in realism.
Rubbish! You're making things up. The dance with the devil line is what triggered Bruce's memory of his parents' killer. One hell of a coincidence that the killer was named Jack and liked to use that line, too lol.

You won't find one shred of evidence to suggest it was the intention to show Bruce may have been wrong about Joker killing his parents. It was very clear cut.

Everybody is probably a plagiarist in the creative industry.
And you're basing that unfounded assumption on.....?

I don't really pay much attention to all of the politics.
It's not politics. It's an infamous scandal surrounding Bob Kane. Well documented.

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