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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

I think human characteristics that are observable in real life should be transferable to any work of fiction whether that fiction is based in our world or otherwise

I see your point regarding the happy ever after, and for the final film it works, but if there are 3 more than I see there no reason for it to nessacarily stand, I didnt see their ending any more concrete than John and Holly's at the end of Die Hard 2 - whilst Han showed character progression he is still a man capable of making screw ups, I dont feel it negates his previous character progression it only shows him as being fallible.... human

They arent the main characters but for instance the new protagonists needing help may decide to seek out Solo who is alone for whatever reason - whilst not a main character or a main story it could still be present, it can be told through actions rather than exposition, maybe later on in the trilogy things are looking bleak and theres a scene of Han just approaching Leia and putting his arm round her shoulder as comfort in dark times, it doesnt need to be explicit or a major storyline, sometimes things hinted at work better - for me Han and Leia were too different to work as a happy ever after - Im not opposed to them still being together I just think it would be interesting if they werent


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