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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by spidey-dude View Post
They arent the main characters but for instance the new protagonists needing help may decide to seek out Solo who is alone for whatever reason - whilst not a main character or a main story it could still be present, it can be told through actions rather than exposition, maybe later on in the trilogy things are looking bleak and theres a scene of Han just approaching Leia and putting his arm round her shoulder as comfort in dark times, it doesnt need to be explicit or a major storyline, sometimes things hinted at work better - for me Han and Leia were too different to work as a happy ever after - Im not opposed to them still being together I just think it would be interesting if they werent
Yeah, I could see it working when you put it that way. I still think it carries a risk of invalidating a major subplot in ESB and RotJ, and it could end up as a retread of Han's previous arc. It's just not my cup of tea, but I see where you are coming from.

Don't agree with this post? Well, it's stylistically designed to be that way, and I can't undo that, but I can diminish the effect of it.
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