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Default Re: Han Solo Will Return

Originally Posted by CoolCadaver49 View Post
Yeah, I could see it working when you put it that way. I still think it carries a risk of invalidating a major subplot in ESB and RotJ, and it could end up as a retread of Han's previous arc. It's just not my cup of tea, but I see where you are coming from.

I realise that most people would like to see them together I just find Han more interesting not with Leia, the idea of him being a gruff old man who's down on his luck, maybe on the run from someone (although that would be a retread I guess), and has all these regrets, seeing these new kids as his possible path to redemption just really appeals to me and keeps alot of the characteristics I love about OT Han - however if them being together is done well and 'just works' I will be happy - really I guess it depends on the writing


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