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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Originally Posted by superman61413 View Post
Favorite for me is Spider-Man 3.
Woah. Well, we all like and appreciate a poster's honesty

Originally Posted by DX View Post
Admittedly, when SM3 first came out I was kinda caught up in the hype and was quick to proclaim it "TEH BESTEST SPIDEY MOVIE EVAH!!!!!11!" but over time I did start to see some of the flaws.

But still, I think it's a serviceable film with it's share of problems but also some genuinely fantastic moments.

TASM is just a gigantic helping of "meh" for me. A shame because I really wanted to like it. (That ****ing line...)
While I truly hate Spider-Man 3(it happens when your favorite Spider-Man villain of all time gets butchered), I've slowly been viewing TAS-M just as bad as of late even when I gave TAS-M a 7/10 out of the first viewing and then it went down to 6/10 and now it's only getting worse everytime I think of the film(I don't own it), but just like S-M 3, here's another film that butchers my second favorite Spidey villain(Lizard).

I just can't get a break with these Spidey films messing up my favorite villains. And do you know what's worse? My third favorite villain is a tie between Shocker and Electro...and who's in TAS-M 2?

I'm a bit nervous, lol.

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