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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

I doudt James,Michael,and Jennifer don't have much to do.They probally If this Is true still have key roles but they may not like having to share focus with Hugh and Anna.

If true the comment about not wanting to piss Bryan off could hint at why It has taken so long for Halle Berry to more or less be close to official.Her role may be relativly small but she wanted a decent salary for agreeing to appear In smaller role.And If accute It doesn't surprise me at all Bryan wants Anna In large role with Hugh.This callbacks her Important role In first 2 films.And Bryan had talked like he considers Anna to be one of stars from earlier films with Hugh,Patrick Stewert,and Ian Mckellen.

Back In the day the enquierer used to spoil devolpments of primetime soap opera.They also got advanced world on Star Trek V,and VI plus Generations.They also got word on X-files.Don't forget a british tabloid got the word that Naomi Harris' character of eve In SKyfall was actully moneypenny.So while they could be wrong there Is possiilty of them being right.

Now If they are wrong Bryan could just tell us who the time traveler or travelers are.

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