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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by Double B View Post
But how could Anna even commit to that length of filming schedule? That would mean she's one of the key characters of the film, but she's shooting True Blood for quite a large portion of the DoFP schedule, isn't she?

And she's TB's lead, so it's not like they can write her out.

That said, Wolverine and Rogue as the time travelers, and Storm, Shadowcat, Iceman, and Magneto against the sentinels? I could be down for that.
Anna starts In June.DOFP wraps In October.

James Mcavoy Isn't suspose to start work till May.Jennifer Lawrence Isn't suspose to start filming till sometime In May.Hugh Jackman started film
Prisoners In February.

In ahuge ensemble film like this there are ways to make schedules of actors work especilly since such a long shoot Is scheduled.

Ellen Page may have been brought back so to allow some of future stuff to be
filmed before Anna can start work.

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